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Dean’s fear of flying

My Dean obsession    my endless∞spn caps    (Phantom Traveler  1x04)

Requested by— artigosaurus

i love this man because he is not afraid to be filmed being and looking like a fucking idiot. 

haha right! omg I need to do a post about crazy looking pics of him in all the episodes, I have some pretty hilarious ones. He still looks sexy as hell even when he is flipping out/being crazy




10x01 sneak peek [x]

The smirk. consider me scared. 

I’ve said for years that soulless!Sam was always still Sam, and not just a reasonable facsimile; that given the right circumstances, souled Sam could be just as cold and terrifying as the unsouled version.

But I was wrong.

Souled Sam is worse.

Because with his soul, he has his emotions, he can get ANGRY and SCARED and SAD and all of them mixed together have an impact on his actions and choices. 

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